Answering God’s Call – Finally!

God is always true to His promises.  He will always be there for us even when we stray.  My story is about to take a holy 180 degree turn, back to His will for me. My ultimate goal has always been to help single parents know their worth and to know that they are loved and worthy of love, even though they might feel like failures in almost every area of their lives.  God gave me that vision on June 25th, 2014 while sitting in church listening to a sermon I knew was written just for me.  Since then I have done everything I knew to bootstrap a business from the ground up so I could donate money to single parent charities.  I was also getting out of corporate America, but that’s a story for a different time.  For almost 4 years I struggled with growing a business selling diaper cakes, then pillow covers, while working a stressful full time job 60-80 hours per week.  I have absorbed 40 business books, paid for coaching sessions, and toiled on minimal sleep. I’ve been blessed to give a very small amount here and there to a few charities but nothing to hang my crown on.  Funny, I have done everything EXCEPT directly help single parents.  God decided He was done watching me spin my wheels.

I have finally decided to transition to helping single parents directly through my writing and tailoring my product offerings to what will provide value for them in one of the most challenging circumstances they will face.  I lived through the pain and busyness of single motherhood and I liken it to driving 90 mph on one of those contraptions they put your car on at the inspection place.  Your activity is going 90 but not making progress.  Things start smoking, parts fall off the car, but you haven’t gone anywhere.  When I was a single Christian mom I always felt inadequate to help my kids even get dressed in time for school, much less provide any meaningful fun in their lives.  We always had to be somewhere, do homework, take baths, and without a second parent.  I know first hand the struggle of single parenthood, and God was there with me every minute, even though I didn’t feel Him near me most of the time.  I felt so lonely, inadequate, and defeated.

I believe beyond a doubt that God wants to use our experience to help us relate to others, to help them walk through this life with a friend who knows their circumstances.  I am so excited to finally start this journey of being that friend.  Special thanks to my lovely new friend and mentor, Tracie.  Thank you for challenging me to get to the root of why I started this business four years ago.  I look forward to your wisdom and friendship.

If you are a Christian single mom with school aged kids I would love to hear from you.  How can I pray for you?   What challenges are you trying to navigate around?  I am so ready to walk this journey with you!

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